Give Me All 6 Mother Day Special–  Send an email to orders@asmythco.com with “Give me all 6’s” in the text and we will ship 6’s of our best selling Mother’s Day Cards to you with Free Shipping! Or add all six online for the same special. Click Here

Spinner Program – Free Spinner with the purchase of the required cards to fill 48 or 72 pocket spinner.   Receive 15% off with the purchase of a filled 24 or 36 pocket spinner.  The Spinner will be shipped at the time of the order. Headers and signage will be supplied.  Choice of a black or white wireframe spinner is available.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee  – Sounds like a stereotypical sales pitch, huh?  Well call us Crazy Eddie, Willy Loman, or INSERT PITCHMAN HERE, but we are very confident our cards sell, given the right home.

For all new customers, we are offering 6’s of our best-selling 12 everyday designs with a money back guarantee.  If after 90 days, 80% of your stock isn’t sold through, we will take them back for a refund.  Offer only applies to everyday styles and our best sellers.

A Smyth Co cards have the unique quality of being funny without going too far, greeted in a world of blanks and diverse enough to meet the need of a wide demographic.  We are realistic enough to know that our humor doesn’t work everywhere, but we have learned you never know until you try.  Our customers that have been with us for more the 5 years are from all regions of the country and all types of stores. (Stationery, Books, Gifts, Pharmacies, Food, Clothing, Coffee, Toys)