The Thoughts and Ramblings of a Introverted, Dyslexic, Aerospace Engineer in the Greeting Card Industry

Below you will find my thoughts and explorations of all of the components of the Greeting Card Industry. Excuse my spelling and grammar, I will proofread the best I can, but it will always slip through.


  • The Ways that We Meet Each Other (Part 2) - In the last post, I explored the data we collected from surveying several thousand retailers, that sell greeting cards, with the goal of understanding how we connect.  In that post, I concluded that the trade show circuit is a strong launching ground for new companies but as you grow the value starts to diminish. (  […]
  • The Ways that We Meet Each Other (Part 1) - There are many ways for a wholesaler to connect with a retailer and create a relationship.  The ones I have discovered so far are: trade shows, direct mail, email, advertisements in trade magazines, independent sales reps, and phone calls.  I am sure there are more, but these seem to be the industry standards. In part […]
  • Greeting Cards – Little Product, Huge Industry - Over the past few months through internet research, industry survey and talking to the many good folks at the Greeting Card Association, I have been attempting to understand our place in the Greeting Card industry.  The more I explore the more I appreciate the size and complexity of the industry.  Overall it is a 7 […]

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