Understanding * Card Support Pack!


Toughersations Support Pack! This pack is designed to keep the conversation, empathy, and understanding flowing.

Start a tough conversation by telling your story or sharing your truth. Then keep the conversation going by including a card for the recipient to return in support.

Conversation Starter Card: Understanding is more than a word. It’s something that echoes in our actions. It’s sitting with our truths and being able to fully be seen and accepted. It is loving each other despite our differences and choosing to put in the effort. It is being okay with not knowing something, but being willing to learn together. It is as simple as saying: “I am here – and I always will be.”

Return Support Card: You will always be a part of my life and nothing changes my love for you.

On the back of the Conversation Starter Card, there is a message for clarification: I value our relationship and want to keep this conversation going. The enclosed card is for YOU to send back to me with all of your thoughts and feelings.

On the back of the Return Support Card, there is a message for clarification: This card is for you to return to me so we can
keep this tough conversation going.?Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Your support means everything.

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Includes 2 A2 Cards, 2 Envelopes, and 1 Larger Envelope for Sending

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